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As the contract for the MANU AO Academy has ceased, please feel free to utilise the on-line resources available.

Seminars are scheduled for every Wednesday, 12.00-1.00pm, and commenced on Wednesday, 9 March 2011.  If you would like to present at one of these seminars please contact your regional coordinator of your local University or the MANU AO Administrator, Taniya Ward on T.M.Ward@massey.ac.nz:

Video broadcasts via the Access Grid are a major component of the MANU AO initiative. Each week a presenter is selected from one of the participating Universities or Māori Professional Bodies and delivers a lecture on their work, research, or area of interest. These seminars are inter-active and designed to encourage dialogue and conversation, disseminate information and research findings, obtain feedback, develop presentation skills, promote collaboration, and profile important work. They are broadcast simultaneously to all eight New Zealand Universities and also allow questions, comments, and discussions to take place.

Click on the links under the presenters name to view the video broadcast.


WeekSpeaker and TopicHost University
9 November Hon. Georgina Te Heuheu (National), Metiria Turei (Green), Kaapua Smith (Māori), Clinton Dearlove (Mana) - Video: 

Political Party Election Debate

Victoria University of Wellington, University of Canterbury
2 November

Paora Ammunson - Video: Rugby World Cups Impact on Māori Culture

Profile - Paora Ammunson (218 KB)

Victoria University of Wellington
26 October

Dr John Pirker - Recombining Streams of Knowledge at the University of Canterbury - Mātauranga Māori and Western Science

John Pirker Powerpoint

Te Korowai Strategy

Profile - John Pirker (217 KB)

University of Canterbury
19 October

Dr Paul Whitinui - Video: The Politics of Māori Health – Insights, limits and possibilities

Paul Whitinui Powerpoint

Profile - Paul Whitinui (250 KB)

University of Canterbury
12 October

Professor Pou Temara, Te Kāhautu Maxwell and Matiu Dickson - Video: Tīkina te riri ki Tāwhiti, tāwharautia a Mātaatua

Waikato University
5 October

Te Rita Papesch - Video: Margins & Mainstream – Looking at the positioning of Kapa Haka in different genres throughout the years

Profile - Te Rita Papesch (210 KB)

Waikato University
28 September

Phillip Borell and Hamuera Kahi (Exec Members of MASS, Lecturers at University of Canterbury) - Video: Black Ops - Mobilising Communities: One experience from the Christchurch quake

Rountable discussion - 28 September

University of Canterbury
21 September

Roundtable discussion with Maria Bargh (Member of MASS and Lecturer, Victoria University of Wellington) with Veronica Tawhai (Massey University) and Dominic O'Sullivan (University of Waikato) - Video: The Political Special

Mana Rangatahi and the Electoral Referendum - Report to Participants

Electoral System Outline

Roundtable discussion - 21 September

Victoria University of Wellington, Massey University
14 September

Roundtable discussion with Tahu Kukutai (Member of MASS) and Senior Research Fellow, Population Studies Centre, University of Waikato) and Helen Moewaka‐Barnes (Director, Whariki Research Group, Massey University) -Video: Disrupting discourses on innovation: Where do Māori fit?

Roundtable discussion - 14 September

Waikato University, Auckland University of Technology
7 September

Roundtable discussion with Rau Hoskins (Unitec/Chair of Ngā Aho Network), Dr Brendan Hokowhitu (Associate Professor at the University of Otago) and Hamuera Kahi (Lecturer at the University of Canterbury). Chaired by Peter Adds (Chair of MASS and Head of School, Māori Studies at Victoria University of Wellington)

Video: Māori and the Rugby World Cup 2011

Roundtable discussion - 7 September

Victoria University of Wellington, University of Canterbury, Otago University and Auckland University of Technology
31 August

Tai Ahu - Video: Te Reo Māori in Western legal contexts

Tai Ahu Powerpoint

Profile - Tai Ahu

Victoria University of Wellington
24 August

Carwyn JonesVideo: Māori legal theory as an exercise of self-determination

Carwyn Jones Powerpoint

Profile - Carwyn Jones

Victoria University of Wellington
17 August

Matiu Dickson - Video: Ngā Waiata Tawhito o Ngāiterangi

Matiu Dickson powerpoint

Profile - Matiu Dickson

University of Waikato
10 August

Associate Professor Nin Tomas - Video: Ngā Tikanga Mate Research Project

Nga Tikanga Mate Powerpoint

Profile - Nin Tomas

Auckland University of Technology
3 August

Jacinta Ruru - Video: Exploring Māori legal rights to fresh water

Profile - Jacinta Ruru


Otago University
27 July

Te Awanuiarangi Black - Video: Paepae Motuhake

Te Awanuiarangi Black Paper

Profile - Te Awanuiarangi Black

University of Canterbury
20 July

Dr Alexis Bunten - Video: A Call for Attention to Indigenous Capitalisms

Alexis Bunten Powerpoint   Profile - Alex Bunten

Victoria University of Wellington
13 July

Naida Glavish - Video: The role of Māori women and leadership

Profile - Naida Glavish

Auckland University of Technology
6 July

Nichole Gully - Video: Other ways of communicating in Te Reo

Nichole Gully Powerpoint

Profile - Nichole Gully

Canterbury University
29 June

Linda Te Aho / Dr Robert Joseph / PWC Guest Speakers  - Video: Māori and Indigenous Governance: Community Decision Making and the Case for a research centre


Waikato University
22 June

Willie Te Aho - Video: Mangatu and the Foreshore and Seabed. The interpretation of the Supreme Court

Tribunal Report

Profile - Willie Te Aho

Waikato University
15 June

Dr Maria Bargh - Video: Sustainable self-determination: oil or soil?

Maria Bargh Powerpoint

Profile - Maria Bargh

Victoria University of Wellington
8 June

Mere Kepa - Video: Life and Living in Advanced Age Cohort Study in NZ (LiLACS NZ). Critical issues for Māori academics in collaborative, longitudinal research

Mere Kepa Powerpoint

Profile - Mere Kepa

Auckland University of Technology
1 June

Dr Colin Knox - Video: Theory of successful Māori business

Colin Knox Powerpoint

Profile - Colin Knox

Auckland University of Technology
25 May

Derek Fox - Video: Māori Media

Profile - Derek Fox

Victoria University of Wellington
18 May

Matanuku Mahuika - Video: The Marine and Coastal Area (Takutaimoana) Act 2010: Where to from here?

Profile - Matanuku Mahuika

Victoria University of Wellington
11 May

Dr Kathie Irwin - Video: Whānau Research

Kathie Irwin Powerpoint

Whānau Flyer

Profile - Kathie Irwin

Victoria University of Wellington
4 May

Patricia Grace - Video: Living our stories

Profile - Patricia Grace

Victoria University of Wellington
27 April

Distinguished Professor Graham Smith (Workshop) - Video: The advancement of Māori Education

Graham Smith powerpoint

Profile - Graham Smith

Victoria University of Wellington
20 April

Dr Mere Berryman - Video: Te Kotahitanga: A culturally responsive model for teacher professional development

Mere Berryman Powerpoint

Profile - Mere Berryman

Waikato University
13 April

Associate Professor Huia Jahnke - Video: Primary Education

Huia Tomlins-Jahnke Powerpoint

Profile - Huia Jahnke

Massey University, Palmerston North
6 April

Professor Wally Penetito - Video: An education that looks, sounds and feels Māori

Wally Penetito Powerpoint

Profile - Wally Penetito

Victoria University of Wellington
30 March

Dr Selwyn Katene - Video: Treaty negotiations in Te Whanganui-ā-Tara: The Kahawai and the Shark

Selwyn Katene Powerpoint


Auckland University of Technology
23 March

Dr Simon Lambert - Video: Sons of Soil - A history of Māori farming through the Ahuwhenua Trophy

Simon Lambert Powerpoint

Profile - Simon Lambert

Lincoln University
16 March

TeHuia Bill Hamilton - Video: Rights and the Treaty of Waitangi

Bill Hamilton Powerpoint and Notes

Profile - TeHuia Hamilton

Victoria University of Wellington
9 March

Dr Wiremu Manaia - Video: Changing the face of Māori Leadership in Aotearoa

Wiremu Manaia Powerpoint

Profile - Wiremu Manaia

Auckland University of Technology

This Week's seminar

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If you are unable to attend a local University Access Grid, you can view the seminar live on-line by clicking on the Video link beside the presenters name at the time of the scheduled seminar.  The link also becomes the recording of the seminar and can be accessed at any time.

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