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2010 Seminars

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Speaker and Topic

Host University

24 November 2010

David Geary
Video - THE STRENGTH OF BOY: Māori movie writing grows up

David Geary Powerpoint

Profile - David Geary

Victoria University of Wellington

17 November 2010

Dr Rhys Jones
Video - Climate change and Māori health

Rhys Jones Powerpoint

Profile - Rhys Jones

Auckland University of Technology

10 November 2010

Dr Katerina Mataira
Aue taku reo, mā te aha rawa koe e tino ora ai?
*Due to technical difficulties, this seminar was unable to be recorded. We apologise for the inconvenience

Profile - Katerina Mataira

Waikato University

3 November 2010

Chellie Spiller
Video - Relational well-being and wealth: Māori businesses and an ethic of care

Chellie Spiller Powerpoint

Profile - Chellie Spiller

Auckland University of Technology

27 October 2010

Associate Professor Jo Baxter
Video - Reflection on Māori health teaching and learning in a new medical curriculum

Jo Baxter Powerpoint

Profile - Jo Baxter

Otago University

20 October 2010

Mamari Stephens
Video - Me he kōrero tūī: te reo Māori, Parliament, and some thoughts about language rights
Mamari Stephens Powerpoint

Profile - Mamari Stephens

Victoria University of Wellington

13 October 2010

Peter Douglas
Video - Māori Governance
Peter Douglas Powerpoint

Profile - Peter Douglas

Victoria University of Wellington

6 October 2010

Dr George Laking
Video - Tobacco control for Māori
George Laking Powerpoint

Profile - George Laking

Auckland University of Technology

29 September 2010

Associate Professor Poia Rewi
Video - He orotī te orotī, he orotā te orotā. The Māori Language: Endangered by squeak or obsolescence?
Poia Rewi Powerpoint

Profile - Poia Rewi

Otago University

22 September 2010

Dr Karen Fisher
Video: Identities and subjectivities in cross-cultural research
Karen Fisher Powerpoint

Profile - Karen Fisher

Auckland University of Technology

15 September 2010

Christine Allan
Video - Tikanga Māori and forensic services
Christine Allan Powerpoint

Profile - Christine Allan

Auckland University of Technology

8 September 2010

Professor Tamati Reedy
Video - Ko te reo te mauri o te mana Māori
Tamati Reedy Powerpoint

Profile - Tamati Reedy

Victoria University of Wellington

1 September 2010

Teurikore Biddle
Video - Respecting cultural norms: Mediation of tikanga in competition

Profile - Teurikore Biddle

Victoria University of Wellington

25 August 2010

Professor Angus Macfarlane
Video - Challenges to cultural foundations for research and practice in psychology: In pursuit of a balance
Angus Macfarlane Powerpoint

Profile - Angus Macfarlane

University of Canterbury

18 August 2010

Professor Lyn Carter
Video - Travelling beyond landscapes

Lyn Carter Powerpoint

Profile - Lyn Carter

Auckland University of Technology

11 August 2010

Professor Tīmoti Karetu
Video - Applied wisdom at work: How Māori organisations create well-being and wealth

Profile - Tīmoti Karetu

Massey University, Palmerston North

4 August 2010

Dr Turoa Royal
Video - The transformation of Māori Education: From invisibility to self-management
Turoa Royal Powerpoint

Profile - Turoa Royal

Victoria University of Wellington

28 July 2010

Professor Wally Penetito
Video - Māori Education: The contribution of kaupapa Māori to mainstream
Wally Penetito Powerpoint 2010

Profile - Wally Penetito

Victoria University of Wellington

21 July 2010

Dr Lis Ellison-Loschmann
Video - Best outcomes for cancer in Māori

Profile - Lis Ellison-Loschmann 

Massey University

14 July 2010

Hon. Tariana Turia
Video - Whānau Ora
Tariana Turia Powerpoint

Profile - Tariana Turia

Victoria University of Wellington

7 July 2010

Dr Selwyn Katene
Video - Topic/Debate: Do we need a national blueprint for Aotearoa?
Selwyn Katene Powerpoint 2010

Profile - Selwyn Katene

Victoria University of Wellington

30 June 2010

Hana O'Regan
Video - Kotahi Mano Kāika, Kotahi Mano Wawata
Hana O'Regan Powerpoint

Profile - Hana O'Regan

University of Canterbury

23 June 2010

Dr Wiremu Doherty
Video - Mātauranga Māori, Mātauranga-ā-iwi
Wiremu Doherty Powerpoint

Profile - Wiremu Doherty

Massey University, Palmerston North

16 June 2010

Professor Pou Temara
Video - Te Reo o te Karakia

Profile - Pou Temara

Waikato University

9 June 2010

Dr Rangi Mataamua
Video - Te Ahi Kā: The price of living at home
Rangi Mataamua Powerpoint

Profile - Rangi Mataamua

Massey University, Palmerston North

2 June 2010

Professor Taiarahia Black
Video - Te Purenga: Māori Land Court Urewera Minutes
You can request a copy of the draft minutes by emailing Taniya Ward, MANU AO Administrator.

Profile - Taiarahia Black

Massey University, Palmerston North

26 May 2010

Roronhiakewen Dr Dan Longboat (Trent University)
Video - Indigenous Environmental Studies: The changing face of environmental education
Dan Longboat Powerpoint

Profile - Dan Longboat

Lincoln University

19 May 2010

Malcolm Mulholland
Video - Symbols of Nationhood

Profile - Malcolm Mulholland

Massey University, Palmerston North

12 May 2010

Aroha Mead
Video - Sharing Power: A new vision for development
Aroha Mead Powerpoint

Profile - Aroha Mead

Victoria University of Wellington

5 May 2010

Ella Henry
Video - Māori and Social Entrepreneurship
Ella Henry Powerpoint

Profile - Ella Henry

Auckland University of Technology

28 April 2010

Hon Nanaia Mahuta
Video - Leadership and the Kīngitanga
Nanaia Mahuta Powerpoint

Profile - Nanaia Mahuta

Victoria University of Wellington

21 April 2010

Peter Douglas
Māori Governance
Our apologies, but due to technical issues this seminar was rescheduled to 13 October, as above.

Profile - Peter Douglas

Victoria University of Wellington

14 April 2010

Donna Awatere-Huata
Video - Ruminations of 40 years

Profile - Don Awatere-Huata

Auckland University of Technology

7 April 2010

Dr Rees Tapsell
Video - Do western systems of diagnosis and classification cater adequately for cultural imperatives?
Rhys Tapsell Powerpoint

Profile - Rees Tapsell

Massey University, Albany

31 March 2010

Hon Shane Jones
Video - Māori Political Leadership

Profile - Hon Shane Jones

Victoria University of Wellington

24 March 2010

Dr John Waldon
Ma te Tamaiti - Measuring Child Well-being
Our apologies, but due to technical issues with this recording it is unavailable for viewing

Profile - John Waldon

Massey University, Palmerston North

17 March 2010

Dr Shaun Ogilvie
Video - 1080 uptake in watercress and puha
Shaun Ogilvie Powerpoint

Profile - Shaun Ogilvie

Lincoln University

10 March 2010

Selwyn Hayes
Video - Commercial Insights to the Treaty Settlement Process
Selwyn Hayes Powerpoint

Profile - Selwyn Hayes

Victoria University of Wellington

3 March 2010

The Honourable Sir Edward Taihakurei Durie KNZM
Video - Treaty claims and self-determination
Taihakurei Durie Paper

Profile - Taihakurei Durie

Victoria University of Wellington

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